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Custom Video Titles and Descriptions

Click on the light blue “i” button in the bottom right corner of a video to either update the title and description from YouTube/Vimeo or put in your own custom title and description. These custom titles and descriptions will be used whenever this video is being viewed in your video collection or shared on Facebook from your website.


HD Playback

For any YouTube videos that have HD options, you can force the video to play in 1080p or 720p instead of the default. Go to your Huzzaz Pro settings page and select the desired playback quality.


Sharing on FB and Twitter

Add FB and Twitter icons to your video gallery so anyone can share your videos or your website.


FB shares will show as full size Facebook cards and link directly to your website and if a video is shared, the video will automatically play on your website when the link is clicked.

Page shares on Twitter will embed your video gallery inside of a Twitter card where all videos can be watched inside of a single tweet. Video shares will link to your website and the video will automatically play.


Extra Features and Design Elements

Many of the awesome Huzzaz features and design elements can be customized within the embed popup. Each video gallery design will have unique features and design elements that can be used to customize the viewing experience on your website.


Add search functionality to allow anybody to search the videos within your video gallery.


Title Overlay

The titles of the videos will appear over the thumbnail image whenever it is being hovered over.


Show Videos

Automatically show the video thumbnails on video galleries that hide the thumbnails by default (Han Solo & hzCard).



Add arrows that allow you to scroll through the video gallery when using video gallery designs with horizontal scrollbars (Mario & Luigi).


Custom Colors

Customize colors for font, button, background, and highlighted text/buttons. When using hex codes, make sure to replace the “#” with “*”. For example, use “*FFF” instead of “#FFF” when inputting values in to the embed popup.

Gray Icon

Use a gray play icon instead of the default play icon.


        1. Go to the Huzzaz video page of the video and select “link”
        1. Copy the end of the URL starting with “?”
        1. Add ?hzv=”Huzzaz video ID” to the end of the URL of your video gallery page

Here’s an example: https://pro.huzzaz.com/videogallery/?hzv=546230

*If you already have a “?” in your URL, use “&” instead. ?hzv=”Huzzaz video ID” should become &hzv=”Huzzaz video ID”

Shortcut Method for Getting a Link to the Specific Video on Your Webpage

        1. Click on the Twitter share video link in your embedded Huzzaz video gallery from your own web page
          (social sharing must be enabled in pro options)
        1. Copy the link within the tweet

Go ahead and try it out

Autoplay your Video Gallery

You can autoplay the first video by selecting the autoplay option when customizing your video gallery.

Hide YouTube Annotations

Hide the YouTube Annotations by adding noannotations=”1″ inside the WordPress shortcode or &noannotations=1 to the end of the “src” url in the iframe of the HTML code

Add a scroll offset for your website header

Our video galleries can automatically scroll the video to the top of the page whenever they first start playing. To set the auto scroll functionality add scrolloffset=”XX” inside the WordPress shortcode or &scrolloffset=XX to the end of the “src” url in the iframe of the HTML code where “XX” equals the size of your website header in pixels.